Thursday, May 22, 2008

The violence spreads to Durban..

...where a group of Nigerians are attacked, as the govt finally brings in the army.


Anonymous,  12:46 am  

These are the same folks hosting the 2010 FIFA world cup? After this, how they can convince the world that visitors will be safe is beyond me.

Anonymous,  10:31 pm  

It is sad to hear that Nigerians are being attacked.

For other black Africans, however, it is absolutely fabulous to hear that they, too, are getting a dose of the xenophobia they never hesitate to dish out to Nigerians. It was with great joy and sheer schadenfreude (sp!) that I flicked through the now famous picture of the Mozambican met set afire in SA. Having experienced, first hand, xenophobia at the hands of arrogant Mozambicans who never hesitate to declare that: "All Nigerians are fraudsters", I could not but feel that the violence against them is pure karma, you know, chickens coming home to roost and that sort of thing. And the icing on the cake were the pictures of the Zimababweans with their heads split wide open - I wonder if they still hate Nigerians as much as they used to. Karma is a bitch.

They deserve everything that comes to them, and more.

Oh, and when I heard that Kenyans and Tanzanians had also been attacked, I could not but feel that their chickens were finally coming home to roost. Arrogant, anti-Nigerian bastards. Well, now they know how it feels, and eventhough this will still not stop the rabid anti-Nigerianism on the continent of Africa, it is sheer joy - nay, ecstasy - to hear these sick people whining and begging for help when they are the ones who normally reserve the most bile for Nigerians.

Good on you, Black South Africa. This is the best you have done since the end of apartheid.

anengiyefa,  11:11 am  

Anon 10.31 PM, it is interesting that you mentioned anti-Nigerianism in Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique and Zimbabwe. But in none of these places have Nigerians suffered such brutal treatment as black South Africans have dealt to black migrants in that country in recent days. And as you know, Nigerians were not spared, because even in South Africa, "all Nigerians are fraudsters" is commonly proclaimed.

I think black South Africans have acted like animals, and should be be rebuked, not praised.

Anonymous,  5:25 pm  

anengiyefa, well, this is a lesson to everyone that xenophobia is bad. The problem is, East Africans probably won't be listening.

anengiyefa,  2:54 pm  

@ Anon, the fact that the whole world knows xenophobia is bad has not prevented it from happening. Even in Nigeria, there are those who are xenophobic, even towards their fellow countrymen who are from other parts of the country.

What I find in my interaction with East Africans is not that they hate Nigerians, its rather that they have a fascination for the ability of Nigerians to stand out amongst other Africans. They are besotted with Nigerian movies, and it is not uncommon to find Ugandan and Kenyan women trying to emulate Nigerian women in their dress, notwithstanding that they seem incessantly to express negative sentiments towards Nigerians.

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