Sunday, May 25, 2008

Colures magazine

Bibi picked up a copy of Colures Magazine in London recently. As the blurb on the website says:

"Colures magazine is an upmarket glossy publication aimed at style conscious and intelligent women of colour.

Super stylish with pages of fashion, beauty, arts, travel and interiors features, this magazine is a huge departure from the current black women’s magazines available. It is chic, intelligent, contemporary and, full of interesting articles that go beyond ‘black-related' features."

I'd agree with all of the above. Excellent reading for extended forays in the bathroom. As with all the best magazines, even if you are not the target market, its an engrossing read with lots of sexy eye candy in the mix.

Meanwhile, my fav magazine, Monocle, goes from strength to strength. The June edition is simply superb. The piece on Ban Ki-Moon's ever weakening grip on the UN is great writing, as is the Subaru advertorial (can you imagine another magazine pulling this off?) The website's not bad either.


Anonymous,  5:00 am  

J, I think you should have left the "extended forays in the bathroom" bit out. Sorry.

Anonymous,  12:37 pm  

Afruca?? Am I missing something?

Sandrine 5:32 pm  

Hi Jeremy,
What do you think about "Ebony" and "Essence"?

anonymaus,  11:12 am  

I didn't want to subscribe to Monocle, but I do want to know what they said about Mr Ban Ki-Moon. I like the guy he works really hard and is interested in solving everyone's problems. I respect his dedication

Anonymous,  12:33 pm  

There is nothing 'upscale' about a magazine that hires freelance writers, publishes their work and doesnt pay.

Rubbish magazine, crappy editors.

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