Saturday, May 24, 2008

President Jammeh

The president of Gambia last week gave gays 24 hours to leave the country or face beheading. Here.
Thanks RT for the link.


Anengiyefa 11:17 am  

Speaks volumes about the calibre of people we have as leaders in Africa.

Anonymous,  5:56 pm  

Up Jammeh. After curing AIDS, now this. The man is pure class.

These are the kinds of leaders we need, who will lead us in the 21st Century, by curing AIDS, cancer, etc. Not to mention promoting tolerance. He is awesome.

Anonymous,  11:40 am  

I think he's probably gay and in denial!

Waffarian 11:53 am  

A funny story: At the time I saw this on the internet, I was watching the opening act for the eurovision song contest.It was performed by a lesbian celebrating tolerance, difference, being gay, etc...all the dancers were dress in a sort of "half" clothing, half suit and half dress...(like male and female)....anyway, so I am watching that show, where millions of people are singing along and then I see this shit...

I turned to my friend and said: "Look at where Europe is and this is where Africa is, do you now understand what we are dealing with?"

The gap is too much, and we are too slow....talking about "beheading" in 2008? Mba, the gap is too much, we have been left behind, I am afraid...

anonymaus,  12:48 pm  

Waffarian, what you said is too true. Not only left behind politically but in many other spheres of human endeavour! The authorities and the populace can't seem to recognise that and take effective action. They only perform or make grand speeches with the occasional isolated good act here and there which are too few and far between to move the whole bandwagon along. Maybe one day, they will harness their strength and move forward decisively and collectively.

Sandrine 7:36 pm  

The comments are not disgraceful, they're disgusting!

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