Thursday, May 29, 2008

The missing hand-over note

I woke up this morning to find out that no one was going to work. I found out just a little later that that's because its "Democracy day", and that in Abuja at least, the weekend starts right here. I found a few moments later that we are celebrating a year in office for the new administration. That got me thinking. I doubt if one percent of the population can name more than three or four of the seven points of the 'Seven Point Plan'. A much greater percentage of Nigerians would be forgiven for thinking that zilch has happened in the past 365 days. The power situation is perhaps a little worse. Ditto security (we felt that one ourselves). The hoped-for conference on the Niger Delta has yet to happen. Health, education - both are in as parlous state (if not worse) than they were a year ago. And we seem to have one royal mess over what is happening to the budget, with the National Assembly threatening to go it alone.

But its all good. Thanks to This Day, we know its all because OBJ forgot to leave a hand-over note. That explains everything then doesn't it?


gungun 5:19 pm  

I read that story and it left me scratching my head. Thisday (aka Segun Adeniyi press release) somehow expects OBJ to prepare a personal handover note for Yar Adua, forgetting OBJ is not a graduate and thus cannot write handover notes. Apparently Yar Auda is still waiting for that handover note.

WWN 7:15 pm  

You are all missing the point!
Baba isn't done yet, you only hand-over if you have finished.

Whether, they like it or not Baba's invisible hands are still buried deep in the mess.

As my people will say, "make dem comot monkey hands for soup, so that it will not turn to human hand".

A beg, Yar'Adua try to cook your own soup and feed us with it, leave Baba him wowo soup; we are almost dying of hunger 365 days after you became cook.

Haba, the calabash don break, abi firewood dey wet or water no dey?
Abi the hand-over note contains the secret recipe for the long awaited meal?

All we are saying give us we chop!!!

ijebuman 10:58 pm  

Excuses..thats all we hear from Yardy & his officials. Yardy was practically living in Aso rock before Obj left power, why didn't he ask for the handover notes then?

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