Thursday, May 29, 2008

White is the new green

I've had my eye on the white tea they sell in wholefood stores when back in the UK for a while, but never plucked up a sense of adventure enough to try. Then Bibi brought some back. Mehn, the stuff is gorgeous. I've been drinking green tea for years, but white tea is smoother and classier. You have to try it.


Anonymous,  12:04 am  

I've never been able to tell the difference between different kinds of tea. My advisor, who is Hungarian, gave me chamomile tea to try at home. It tasted no different from the useless lipton we have in Nigeria.

Is there something wrong with my taste buds?

Waffarian 10:23 am  

Same here, been eyeing it for some time...I also drink mostly green tea...hmmmm, hell, why not?

@anonymous: I refuse to believe that you actually think there is no difference between chamomile tea and lipton...especially as chamomile has a very distinct taste...

abeg, check ur taste buds oh!

yeah...Hungarians and that damn is the answer to everything...hehehehehehe like vitamin C...

culturalmiscellany 12:45 pm  

Yeah, its good. The company to follow is TeaPigs. I spent some time chatting to the owners of that company about a year ago now and they really know their tea. You can buy it mail order. Their chilli tea is also nice as a change.

Anonymous,  3:52 pm  

Republic of Tea has awesome white tea too !

Alex Zorach 3:48 pm  

What brands and types of white tea have you tried?

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