Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Bullingdon boys

The infamous picture of the Bullingdon club has now been effectively banned from print publication in the UK. In the picture, we see David Cameron (top, second left) and Boris Johnson (no need for directions). Cameron has always shied away from talking about his time in the club, notorious for trashing restaurants and student rooms and general bad behaviour. It shows that the Tories' flirtation with the lower ranks of society (which hit rock bottom with Brixton boy John Major) is finally over. Cameron doesn't want to talk about Bullingdon (or Eton for that matter) because it shows him up to be the over-privileged toff that he is. These people have little knowledge or understanding of the lives of ordinary people. Little wonder that they still don't have any distinguishing ideas or policies.


Akin 12:26 pm  

Hello Jeremy,

Much as I appreciate that many of these guys were born with a silver shovel in their mouths and a golden boot in their backsides, democracy does not offer the best electioneering prospect for good governance.

Unfortunately, we are saddled with a situation where they have the charisma to get elected but no substance to offer in government.

If they do end up in government, we only hope that they leave things alone or if they meddle with stuff, their bumbling produces good results anyhow.

What we cannot do to refuse to accept a democratic will because it does not stand up to the intellectual judgement we have of the winning candidates.



Goy 12:35 pm  

You may be right - although I do think, against my libertarian instincts, that Boris is right to (try to) ban booze on the tube - but you labour under misapprehension that Labour - New, Old or Brown - do have any ideas. They don't.

Anengiyefa 8:44 pm  

I wonder if the charisma that Akin talked about has something to do with Eton?

With whether or not the Tories will leave things as they are, or whether their meddling will produce good results, in London at least we should find out soon enough.

By the way, Boris has only hinted at a suggestion on HOW he intends to enforce the ban on booze in public transport. Oh, he talks about having police community support officers on buses, but what could be more unrealistic and impossible to achieve than that? Anyway, you would think that police resources could be better utilised otherwise.

Fancy ideas are one thing, getting them actually implemented is another...and that is why we may soon discover that the practical experience of someone like Brian Paddick is invaluable.

Toks- Boy 12:26 pm  

the best thing that Boris can do is to get Paddick on his team. I saw a clip of Boris speaking yesterday about the stabbing death of yet another teenager in London and he certainly did not fill me with confidence!

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