Monday, May 05, 2008

More on Boris Buffoon

Quite a few people are despairing about the Bullingdon Blond's take-over of City Hall. Its true, democracy can throw up some unlikely victors, and no one is perhaps uniquely less qualified than Boris Johnson to take on the mayorship. He has made noises about reducing violent crime on London's streets, but absolutely nothing of substance. He will take the bendy buses away, but replace them with what? Who knows what his view on CrossRail is? He has no demonstrable ability to connect with people who are not toffs like himself (witness his disparaging comments on Liverpool and ugly reference to 'piccaninnies' amongst other gaffes in recent times). It really is too easy to rip hole after hole into the guy.

So instead of doing that, let's look at the upsides:

1. The Olympics is a self-contained process by and large. He won't be able to interfere too much with this.
2. He simply lacks the oomph to carry on expanding the role as Ken did. The mayorship will therefore shrink in size and significance year on year
3. Despite what Cameron thinks right now, Boris will quickly convert his asset of being London mayor into a liability. Expect more gaffes as he reverts to type. Above all, expect complete inaction on any critical London issues: security, transport, availability of low-cost housing etc.
4. He won on a small percentage margin (140,000 odd out of over 2 million voters). He hardly has the electoral mandate for radical change.
5. He also won because of a) transient discontent about the 10p tax issue and b) the Evening Standard's hate campaign, c) the economy/credit crunch wobble

Come the next general election, Boris Johnson will have done more than his fair share of showing that the Tories have nothing to offer centrist politics that Labour does not already offer. The only difference being the Conservative party serves a more exclusive constituency.


Naapali 3:02 pm  

I will be bold in assuming you do not like Boris Johnson. I remember him somewhat fondly as editor of Spectator which I used to subscribe to. I imagine the spectre of a BJ mayorship is no less frightening than that of Red Ken was to many. London has a life of its own and plods on regardless of the politicos in charge, I am sure it will survive BJ.

As to the piccaninnies, you are taking it out of context, in the context of the piece it was written it was absolutely appropriate (a satirical piece on Tony Blair's excursion to the former empire whilst Britain was "burning"). I am sure you are not advocating some words be banned from some users in all contexts.

Chin up bro!

Sean 7:54 pm  

Right on.

See my bog:

-- Leo

oguro,  12:13 am  

The fact is Boris and his Toffs will gut City Hall, they can't touch the Olympics cos that's a central government project. The ODA [ Olympic Delivery Authority] was established by an act of Parliament. It is vested with powers to deliver the 2012 games and has powers to grant planning consent for the area designated as the Olympic Park. It is being built at a furious pace. Check out the london 2012 website for pictures of demolition and remediation work completed to date. Contracts have been let for major venues, the Legacy scheme that will regenerate the site is being shaped into a Masterplan Framework. Even the overated Toffs that are Camerons Tories can't stop this juggernaut... Phew!!!
However I predict blood flowing down the glazed facade of Fosters City hall, heaven help us as the attack dogs will seek to uproot Kens vast and profound machine from London. Somehow I think they'll fail... I can sleep better know.

Anonymous,  10:31 am  

all my rabid trotskyite friends are convinced this is the beginning of the armourgeddon.
I think that Boris will just be a bit shit, and won't do much. Everyone's saying he'll use london as a test bed for future tory policies, but he can't cos the mayor has no power to do that.
All kens achievements were done because of whatever political deal was struck between the GLA and the labour government.. he wasn't spending his own money on police, he was spending money given to him by central government.
I'm still shocked at how ken could lose like that, and it doesn't bode well for labour in general. Brown's looking wobbly... what price are the bookies giving on a leadership challenge by the end of the year?

Anonymous,  12:15 pm  

Methinks it is all about immigration

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