Monday, May 05, 2008

"I know, let's have 6 more States..."

There has been a longstanding complaint from various Igbo politicians that the South-East is 'marginalised' - having ony 5 Igbo States - Imo, Abia, Anambra, Ebonyi and Enugu. The other five geopolitical zones have six states apiece. Obviously, as soon as a sixth Igbo state is created (increasing the number of states from 36 to 37) this marginalisation will evaporate overnight, guaranteed. How could anyone think otherwise?

I was at the National Assembly last week, and I saw banners proclaiming the need to create Naje state (I might have mis-remembered the spelling). Other Igbos want it to be called Anioma state. There would probably be the mother of all arguments agreeing on the name alone..

With appropriate absurdity, given the emphasis on 'Federal Character', the Senate has now indicated that if the Igbos are to be granted an additional state (one wonders where/how this State will be carved out - will southern Benue dash some land?), then five other States will be granted to the other five geopolitical zones.

Actually, this position might not be so silly as it seems, from a tactical angle. If each of the zones is to be allowed an extra state along with the South-East, it defeats the purpose behind the region rallying for an extra state in the first place - ensuring equitable numerical representation. The Senate (and the other zones) would have the last laugh.

All this said, the ongoing constitutional reform dialogue has many other big fish to fry, such as removing the immunity clause (MYA has already voiced his strong support for this) which is the passage to automatic enrichment for governors in the first place.


WWN 1:31 pm  

Thanks for bringing up this debate, which is bound to catch fire in the days ahead.

However, I wish to observe here that the enphasis should be on geographical region/location and not tribe/people (Igbos) as you have made it.

Let us not digress from that(It's about South East) as the debate rages.

omidanbellafricaine 4:01 pm  

Pstcheew!!! awon alainironu.

Anonymous,  7:35 pm  

Six more states? 6 more routes to misrule Nigerians, to keep us in poverty.

na wa for our people o.

The 36 jungle-states we have, we never even settle ourselves, not to mention another 6 states. 6 more routes to line pockets and breed clueless pot-bellied agbada-wearing leaders.

Naija o, we hail thee! That country will do the opposite of Nkrumah's words: "backward eve, forward never"

Anonymous,  11:52 pm  

Speaking of backwards..wasnt it the late great gen.Abdulkarim Adisa who actually mispoke with those same words..ehn?, "backwards ever,fowrad never !!"

chai! the good ol days...

Anonymous,  1:40 pm  

I am not aware of this 'longstanding complaint from various Igbo politicians' about being marginalized simply because they dont have equal states as other regions. Its a first for me, and I dont think marginalization will be wiped out if one is given to them. The senate may possibly have the last laugh if they add an extra state to the other so-called zones, everyone has a laugh at the expense of the Igbos. As an Igbo person - another state will make no difference, we will be back for another, and another. And just like Oliver Twist, we will always be asking and 'begging' for more.

Anonymous,  11:11 am  

J. Go educate your self better on this topic.
You have a right to your views.

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