Friday, May 30, 2008

It's all over for Hilary..

Murdoch throws his antipodean weight behind Obama. As British politicians know full well from past experience ("it woz the Sun wot won it"), that means its curtains for the Clintons...


Anonymous,  6:31 pm  

This is a silly, dismissive, disrespectful post... Go back into the whole from where you crawled out since that election started!!!

Anonymous,  10:34 pm  

Rupert 'the Devil' Murdoch will rot in hell. His bedroom in hell has long been reserved.

Anonymous,  12:11 am  

Does not make a difference! McCain will still win due to being a moderate conservative (comparable to the Tory comeback albeit thanks to the economy!). He is tough on law and order but has liberal views – had to alter his views on abortion to win over the evangelicals (4m of whom won the last election for Bush). Even the moderate democrats will vote for him. Traditional ethnic votes are moving away from Democrats (Italian/Irish) due to competition for resources- Democrats unwavering support for affirmative action that they find unfair and religious reasons (pro-abortion - remember the Pope condoned abortion last year or 2 years ago. McCain - A very dangerous combination. Interesting times in USA politics!
I preferred Hilary - more knowledge, experience etc and can battle McCain head on.

Anonymous,  2:42 am  

Eh, anon 6.31pm, Hilary na your mama? YES WE CAN!

Anonymous,  10:27 am  

Anon, did you mean "hole"?

I think Murdoch is just confirming what most of the rest of the world has known for sometime. One wonders why the Clintons hadn't realised this sooner. The clean break from the past is Obama's greatest strength, and her husband's over involvement in her campaign has made Hilary too representative of the past. I agree with Murdoch that Obama is likely to win...

Patrice,  5:03 pm  

Hardly a bold prediction. It has been "all over" for Hillary for more than month now. The real question is, is it now all over for the Democratic party in the upcoming presidential election. Care to make a prediction?

Anonymous,  12:00 am  

anon 12:11, what exactly is hillary's "experience"? bing married to a former president?

Anonymous,  3:16 pm  

Sexist twonks! I think americans would rather see a Black man in charge than a woman...

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