Tuesday, May 27, 2008

St. Benedict Monastery, Ewu

I mentioned Pax Herbals in a post a year or so ago. They make good quality/reliable herbal anti-malarials, blood tonics etc. many of which are NAFDAC approved. St. Benedict Monastery, Ewu is the home of Pax Herbals. I just noticed these website details on some packaging and thought you all might like to know. Their stuff is available from Catholic centres across the country.


naijaleta 10:36 pm  


Seems I'm the first to comment on this post. Nice picture of your folks. You seem to have a really rich pedigree. You'll definitely hear more from me. I'm new on the Naija blogging scene. Didn't realise it was this busy.
By the way, is it me or is every Nigerian blogger on blogger.com?

Anonymous,  3:15 pm  

Snake oil...

Eastern Washington University 6:13 am  

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