Friday, May 09, 2008

Persistent war in Nigeria..

Nigeria 2013 imagined by the Army War College at their Unified Quest gathering this week. O se YO for the link.


Anonymous,  12:11 pm  

What a waste of time - did previous gaming events predict the morass called the war on terror and 6 years of flaying about in Iraq?

The US should stop filling our officers heads with crap. We have just about purged out all the generals that took part in coups over the years. We now have a largely depoliticised army and just about put the idea of a coup in Nija to rest. Let us continue along these lines; creating a optimally sized, professional, well paid and equipped military.

Uncle Sam feeds on conflict, he keeps the world teetering on the brink constantly so we don't have time to think. Think about our values and why a nation that accounts for about 5% of the world's population consumes 25% of its energy.

I was gobsmacked to hear that the Chinese are exporting fresh water from Africa to China.

Did the US miltary point out that the predicted conflict that might engulf Nija will probably have been started by them and other resource hungry nations' squabbling?

ababoypart2 1:46 pm  

fictitious? Could be real, could happen.

Anonymous,  6:49 pm  

ababo u need ur head examined.
nigerian army is the only unified thing in this country.

they've overthrown govts, killed and maimed together and hardly ever give each other up.
maybe wat we really need in nigeria is more illiterates with guns? true unity

Anonymous,  5:17 am  

Hopefully the jungle will break up some time in the next 10 years, and each large ethnic group can forge its own destiny. Geezuz.

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