Friday, May 16, 2008

Lamorde on his way out

A Sahara Reporters' piece appears today on Farida Waziri taking over from Ibrahim Larmode at the head of the EFCC. The gist of it is that she will be directed to let the currently under investigation governors off the hook. Stephen Sackur's questions to Bankole on the issue of the EFCC (see previous post) may have been well researched.


Anonymous,  7:08 pm  


Whatever you or SR think is mere speculation for now. There is no indication of anyone being let 'off the hook' by EFCC.

The fact is that OBJ/Ribadu over-played their hand and used the agency for political vendettas. They tainted EFCC and what is happening now is as much a cleansing exercise as anything else.

Ribadu was a bossy-boots with way too much leeway, a and beholden to a mean and corrupt president.

By all means let us fight corruption, but let's do it right.

I often compare the entrenched nature of corruption in Nija with the deep-rooted nature of racism in the west. In both cases its there its real and its extremely persistent.

The difference is that Nigerians have been conditioned to accept that their country (and by extension) themselves are corrupt. Whereas the oyibo man sees racism as a problem to be dealt with systematically.

We must deal with corruption equally systematically.

OBJ put on a show of anti-corruption, due process, reform etc - yet under our bloddy noses $16Bn went missing from the public accounts.

I was never impressed by Ribadu's cavalier approach - and frankly his endorsement by the west only made me more cynical.

What has happened over the last year is that there has been less frenetic activty and more thoughtfulness in the polity. Institutions are being respected as never before; the legislature is doing its job without Aso Vill;a breathing down their neck, as is the Judiciary. Ministers have been charged for corrupt practices and the eyes of the nation have been opened by public probes of key sectors.

I know as Nija s we all miss the gra-gra of OBJ's combative boorishness - but that's no fucking way to run a continental giant.

As for the AGF, his graetest crime is not being a Yoruba man - how dare he pretend to be a real lawyer.

Let Mrs Waziri get on with the job and lets see where she takes EFCC.


Hassan,  5:06 pm  


Good talk but you messed it up by bringing tribe into it. Often times, I have wondered whose side is the AGF on and am not Yoruba!

Anonymous,  1:29 pm  

yeah, i heard from pretty high up that OBJ is kicking against Mrs. Waz' appointment. SHe's meant to be the straight- arrow, no nonsense person that trained Ribadu in the first place...

Anonymous,  7:32 am  

Simon Kolawole of thisday wrote a beautiful piece about this yesterday. What I dont understand is why Yar'Adua could not be a man and just appoint her instead doing the merry go round.

Most people knew she was Yar'Adua's choice months ago. This president really has no spine.

anonymaus,  1:46 pm  

Fighting corruption for Nigeria is serious business. This one issue could be the pivot the undermines the whole nation, it has seeped into every level of society and is pervasive. If not fought rigorously, the whole nation will collapse into a series of small and insignificant "statelets" that would be constantly fighting one another over this and that.
All this because corruption wasn't taken seriously, and has duly undermined the faith of the citizens in the country and the government and it's institutions. The nation is on its way to dissolving, even it's so called friends (USA) are licking their lips waiting to move in target the 'useful' regions of the country and suck their economic wealth out of their veins and spit out an empty and poverty ridden shell for those who dwell in to eek out a living. Yet all the while peole are calling for division - as if that will solve their problems (which it won't). The rule of government is not respected, local authorities are riddelled with corruption and are busy helping themselves, before the whistle is blown and they have to run for the hills with their loot.

How does one fight corruption? I'm not sure, but the EFCC is a good starting point. I was seriously thinking about the Chinese solution, where those found guilty get a bullett to the back of the head, but that is too blood thirsty and what's more, there would be only a mere handful of people left in the country (Nigeria) if they adopted that policy. So the EFCC should be strengthened and made apolitical and be allowed to do it's job without hindrance, as it's success is key to the survival of the nation.

Let's hope that Mrs Waziri will take her responsibility seriously.

anonymaus,  2:04 pm  

I referred to outside powers (who are supposed to be allies) are eying the breakup/ dissolution of Nigeria with glee, so that they can target those regions that are of benefit to them.

Here's a reference:

Sorry I forgot to include as part of the previous post.

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