Tuesday, April 17, 2007

African Rendition of Throw some Ds

Yo mothersuckers...

This is hilarious.


Pseudo-Independence 1:59 pm  

i love this...by force by force

am guessing he is yoruba, they are naturally hilarious

SET 3:05 pm  

What? this is too funny man.

wienna,  8:59 pm  

buahaaaa....dis guy don become a celeb overnite o. I've seen him in every site in d past few wks or so. Black jesus fun rare.

Moni 12:58 am  

moda socka... let's go :D

Anonymous,  12:34 pm  

"...want to be a rapper by force I am going to be a rappper by force by force...sit tight no slack...just bought a motherfuckin cardillac...actually it was a cardilac toyota corolla 1987... intensely beautiful car with alloy...let me see you beat that mutherchucker...you want to be like me...you cannot be like me...you have to be able to sell guguru and epa for at least a year to come to the stuntin level... -

Kpakpando 9:50 pm  

OMG is this the obesere remix to throw some d's?

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