Thursday, April 12, 2007

Sounds of the Universe..

As ever more people digitise their vinyl collections, there are ever more blogs providing downloads of rare/out of print music. A friend introduced me to what has become a minor addiction in the past few weeks - Pharoahs Dance. Let your guilt-free forays into rare cosmic jazz and funk and all its beyonds begin..

(I had to come up with some excuse for posting this album cover to my blog).


Anonymous,  1:12 am  

Hihihihihi! Jeremy asewo.

ababoypart2 3:18 pm  

Thanks for the link to Pharoah's Dance - my sort of thing.

The album cover...I take my fifth on this one.

Ugo Daniels 7:23 pm  

omg, i love the album cover. Yes Yes, I Love It

adefunke 8:40 pm  

I have always said it when it comes to provocativeness, no decade has anything on the 70's

Fred 11:59 pm  

Nice one, J. Thanks for making me look like a pervert at work, fucker! ;-)

dairy of a G 12:54 am  

yo quick fast check my blog out ASAP

Anonymous,  10:42 pm  

I so lovr this album cover

Dami 4:31 pm  

Corrr Blimey!!

Anonymous,  6:12 am  

Pedo....... springs to mind

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