Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Ever wondered about Toks-Boy's iyawo? Well now your curiousity can be quenched. She's started her own blog.

Welcome to the blogosphere Mandy Brown-Ojugbana! Even more than Toks-Boy, I suspect this is someone not to be messed with :-)


Dimples 12:44 pm  

I swer this beautiful woman is in the choir @ my church!!!

Toks- Boy 1:04 pm  

mandy is curious as to why you went for the afro centric picture which she thinks makes her look older as opposed to the youthful alluring picture?

Also when are you going to organise a bloggers convention in naija - as the president elect of the naija bloggers association (i trust there was no rigging?)?

MsMak,  2:36 pm  


PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE... Does your wife still have original copies of her album from long ago for sale? I don search for am tire! You guys should please work on remastering and re-releasing on CD, trust me, there is a market for it.

I loved her music growing up and still think they are classic songs.And she still looks beautiful.

I'm serious about that LP o!, Just tell me how much and make i send money, dollars or naira! I'm off to check out her blog now...

(Thank you Jeremy, you just made my day...)

Anonymous,  5:25 pm  

So that's where she's been hiding.. I've always wondered what ever happened to Mandy Ojugbana....She was my boyhood crush !!!! Before I met my iyawo..

t 2:51 am  

no kidding. I can still hear her voice, still remember the "taxi Driver" song - completely sweet. She maarried - you? Just kidding.

Bitchy 11:45 am  

Oyoy! I'm back in Blogland now post-sabbatical. And Toks' Iyawo is here tooo? Hurraaah!!

anijawife 4:23 pm  

is she the same mandy of faze 2 fame?she has a very good voice and hope she is still in music

paul alade 5:18 pm  

Pls guy's do u know how i can get a copy of Mandy's album.

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