Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Lord's Prayer to Baba

Our Baba who art in Aso Rock
Balogun of Owu is thy name.
Thy handover shall soon come
thy will has been done in Otta,
As it is in Umaru and Goodluck.

Leave us this May 29th,
your departure date.
Lead us not into anarchy.
Forgive Turaki his disloyalty as we forgave your
failed third term plot

Deliver him from INEC hammer
for Otta is thy destination, with all that is thine
thy bag and thy baggage
forever and ever
just go ooo



jadedjune 1:52 pm  

bia this man. you sure sey u be oyibo? i just dey wonder! ;-)

LM,  3:03 pm  

Funny this. Another side of you which hardly surfaces. I had to re-read it to confirm it wasn't written by anyone else.

Anonymous,  5:39 pm  

..,"Forgive Turaki his disloyalty as we forgave your
failed third term plot" LOL! Good one

Jeremy 10:16 pm  

I didnt write this by the way..its an email doing the rounds..

Anonymous,  11:03 pm  

The author should be lucky he is nowhere near the Tower of London

Nice one though


lol! Please stop by and participate in the next installment of the Nigerian Discussion Series at, April 27th.

Naijadude 11:07 am  

Now that is classic!

omohemi Benson 7:16 pm  

Nice prayer.

Loud Amen.

Olawunmi 2:16 pm  

lol. this was too funny! thanks for sharing.

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