Friday, April 06, 2007

Behold. Deaconess Mofe Naira has broken her vow of silence

Here. For those of you who have not been attending the Church of Greener Pastures: shame on you. It may be Easter, but the Lord may not be in a forgiving mood..


Anonymous,  11:56 am  

WHAT NONSENSE. I'm sooo disgusted. And they call themselves Christians. The bible I read talks about giving alms always to the poor,the widowed, the orphans, the less priviledged.Honestly these people don't just give Christianity but the whole of humanity a bad name. Shame shame shame

Vanilla,  3:28 pm  

Clearly this/these individual/s, is/are not well.

Msmak,  4:38 pm  

Erm, anonymous, abeg calm down and slow your roll! What happened to your sense of humor? This is a tongue-in-cheek blog poking fun at un-christianlike attitudes being exhibited by so-called devout Naija christians.

Its really not that serious o...

Talatu-Carmen 4:53 pm  

LOL!!! I had visited a few months ago, but I suppose the dear brothers and sisters in the Lord were resting in the spirit. I was not aware when they started to post again. Thank you for this blessing. I will begin attending again right away.

Fred 5:57 pm  

What the ... ?

Thliza 6:00 pm  

What a SHAME and an ILLOGICAL way of reasoning. This is a sermon from the pit of hell mastered by lucifer, the fallen angel himself and every carrier of such message(s) must be part of his cohort:

Jagila 7:25 pm  

Are they for real? Is this a serious website or is it supposed to be a mockery of the Christian faith? I can't quite tell if this is all done in jest or if these people need serious help. The last I checked, Jesus Christ hung out more with the poor than anyone else and the Bible speaks more about caring for the poor, widows, orphans etc than even judgement. (??!!)

Anonymous,  10:13 pm  

Jaglia, try telling this to all those Pastors preaching their prosperity and get rich quick doctorine. what this blog highlight is the corruption at the heart of many contemporary Christian teaching in Nigeria. I am a strong believer and i have stopped going to church precisely because of this prosperity teaching. I attended House on the Rock for years and I got really pissed off with Pastor's A constant jabbing at his congregation for not having enough money. Then I moved to This Present House even worse. Now I am with City of David in VI - they are no better. But I continue to go because they are a good way to network.

This blog is an invitation to stop and pause and reflect on the denigration of Christ teaching by these croaked pastor.

Anonymous,  12:45 am  

@msmak.... I didn't realise it was a joke. I thought it was for real. My bad.

St Antonym 1:21 am  

Brilliant page. It's a bit exaggerated, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

Nice to see some barbed wit among our blessed compatriots.

Anonymous,  10:36 pm  

i don't think it is a joke. i think i know the real, physical church that is behind it.


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