Thursday, April 26, 2007

Tolu Ogunlesi

Tolu Ogunlesi's short story Sweet Mother has been shortlisted for the Guardian Books/Ziji Short Story competition. Click here to read his story and cast your vote.


Fred 6:01 am  

Two words: utter crap.

I mean, who talks like that, much less an eighty-year-old Nigerian grandma?

If this is what passes for good short stories today, they'll be announcing my Nobel in Literature any day now.

catwalq 7:58 am  

was intrigued not really awed bt it

aloted 8:42 am  

Interesting piece!....
And for something that was "utter crap", Sweet Mother was announced as one of the twenty-five winners of the Guardian(UK)/Ziji Publishing/Bebo Nanotales Competition. It will be published in an anthology of nanofiction by Ziji in 2008.
Good work Tolu!

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