Monday, April 09, 2007

Dreaming of Iran..

Iran is more or less top of my want-to-go list, vying with Bahia. For one, Iran has mastered the art of natural air conditioning, using wind funnels, called badgirs at the top of each house or building. The badgir sucks in air and cools it as it sinks towards the bottom of the shaft, often passing across a pool of water to further cool the air, before being circulated throughout the house. There is no need for electric air conditioning in this set-up.


mystoriesmytestimonies 10:15 pm  

na wah ooooo...
i hope it can work in nigeria
nice blog

Monef 10:46 pm  

An environmentally innovative Iran, who knew?

Mutanda 1:42 am  

does the same not exist in northern nigeria. katsina i believe

Saymama 4:07 am  

Adopting this building style/method would certainly deliver us from the stranglehold of NEPA in Nigeria!!!

Pseudo-Independence 12:11 pm  

this is really good. Very different principle to the traditional african mud huts we have in Nigeria.
Think I'll prefer the Nigerian one, it'll keep the cool much longer.

My Talking Beginnings 12:35 pm  

what silly things to say monef and saymama. Has saymama not been to the north of Nigeria?

omohemi Benson 1:00 pm  

You want to go Iran?
Is it safe?

I like the Natural air conditioning thing,but will it work for high rise buildings?

Lolita 5:55 pm  

Don't mind Jeremy, he wants to go and get captured like his 15 comrades :)

Hee hee, I kid!!!!

Confessions of a Moody Crab,  7:17 pm  

You know, Iran is actually a safe country. Safer than Nigeria. And yes, I think you should go. Tehran for instance is very of mass contradictions. Also, visit the northen parts (i've 4goten the name of the place) but the part that is predomantly occupied by the Bahai. Very beautiful especially with their colourful clothings.

LM,  3:54 pm  

Fascinating stuff! I wonder though, like pseudo-independence, how long the cooling effect will last and also if it would work with bungalows.....

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