Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Say Mama

Welcome to the blogosphere Say Mama, long may your writing provoke and prosper!

Meanwhile, I have to say I was impressed arriving at Abuja airport a few days ago (does anyone ever call it Nnamdi Azikwe Airport in everyday speech?) Although I have consistently criticised the Heart of Africa branding project for Nigeria for its thoughtless vacuities - see a post while in London recently featuring a picture of one of their ads on the tube - 'Come ye plunder' being the message - they have done a good job at the airport. As soon as one arrives, one sees large full colour photographs embossed onto card of various places of natural beauty in Nigeria. It really is quite impressive. If you ever arrived at Heathrow T4 (I'm sure many of you have) and noticed the large format photos along the corridor as you walk towards arrivals - well these look exactly the same - high definition ultra-vivid imagery. There's the obligatory scenes from Obudu, but also waterfalls and landscapes that are not commonly known.

Could this be the first stirrings of a genuine attempt at fostering tourism in Naija?


Toks- Boy 10:46 am  

Jeremy as you know I have long praised the International Ariport in Lagos for its recent revamp - what with plasma screens in the arrival hall showing news, sports, which carousel to get your bags from, info on flights etc. Also the cleanliness of the place and the maintenance of the airconditioning. It is just a shame that it is not bigger. Am gald to see that Abuja airport is also holding its own.

As far as the whole branding issue this leads me on to one of the things that has perplexed me for a while -has the Minister for Information Frank Nweke done a good job? He always comes across as quite smooth and savvy when I see him. Is it just a facade or has he delivered?

Anonymous,  2:20 pm  

Trust me Toks boy, it is all a facade. he has delivered nothing. I should know I work with him and this is not sour grape at all. I wish i was brave enough to set up anon blog to expose ministers like him. Won't you want to know a few stories about these people.

Mr Jeremy, i have just discovered your blog and it is great. Keep up the good work.

culturalmiscellany 9:43 am  

I bloody well hope so they've taken their time catching on to the things they have to sell to tourists!

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