Saturday, April 28, 2007

The glass menagerie

She and he with she,
He and he with she,
She and she with he
He and he and he
She and she and she
She with he with she
He with he with she
She with she with he
He with he and he
She and she with she


catwalq 7:49 am  

I am sorry if this comes across as slow but can u explain what this is all about

Anonymous,  9:54 am  

i beg don't explain. leave it as is. I like the mystery of it. Those who get will get it and those who don't don't. i no get it, but its ok. but don't you try to explain.

Snuffleupagus 1:37 pm  

I definitely don't get it. Just writing to let you know that you have introduced me to blogging. Hearing you talk about the thrills of the Blog world has inspired me to set up my own blog - with Nkem's help. Have a look. From the Canadian Caribbean inner-city school teacher.

Jeremy 3:17 pm  

Ok for those who don't get it, here's a clue: Menagerie/menage a trois...

Anonymous,  5:02 pm  

Jeremy, welcome to my world. I really like this piece - A LOT

Anonymous,  7:05 pm  

Is this going on in your neighbourhood?
I certainly hope you are not becoming a peeping Tom LOL

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