Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Obj and stepson

A surprisingly touching piece on Obj and his stepson, Tunde Baiyewu. Here.


jadedjune 8:30 pm  

Hey. I'm not sure if you know this, but Tunde got married about a month or two ago.....

RJ 8:46 pm  

Awww! That’s actually kiinda cute...who knew Tunde from Lighthouse is his kid, interesting.

kemi,  9:23 pm  

I'm amazed he found the time to do this, while he was sabotaging the elections.

soheb,  11:08 pm  

Yes, touching.

I was just thinking that OBJ won't live forever, like Abacha didn't; and then I started to wonder whether I wished his death.

I don't.

I just wish Nigeria well - and it would be good if he could live to see a better Nigeria, as a citizen like the rest of us.

I've just read Hebrews 11:1 -'Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen'. It's all I have left for Nigeria - faith.

Anonymous,  12:35 am  

@ Kemi

This was October 2004

wienna,  3:02 am  

Yes o...kemi, Tunde's been married long after dis interview. It's such a deep article. I always thought he's OBJ's biological son. I'm sure baba iyabo has more than 5 wives. I wonder which position stella was?

kemi,  7:16 pm  

I stand corrected.

Bitchy 3:15 pm  

I'm surprised the British public didn't make an issue of OBJ taking five year old Tunde to his bed. But if it was Michael Jackson, katta katta would have erupted...

I always thought OBJ looked like a jolly soul. The kind who'd make a good grandpa..

Aaron Rowe 4:11 pm  

I remember the shock I had when watching the BBC's Strictly African Dancing in 2005 when Tunde was introduced, they showed a candid video taped interview of him and his dad... the President of Nigeria.

Tunde lost that competition by the way.

wienna,  1:42 am  

@aaron rowe, u're correct. Whilst reading d article, i remember dat show as well. Both of them were just having a laugh like old time buddies.
@bitchy, i understand what u mean. But remember dat in our country, or rather continent in general, many of us live in room & parlour, most children don't have their own rooms. So, it's pretty normal parents & children to sleep together on d same bed. Whereas here in d western world, children have their own rooms, even if they're having nightmares, their parents would still take them back to their rooms and pet them back to sleep, they never encourage their kids to sleep with them.
I've had d experience of sleeping on d same bed as my parents together. I remember when my parents moved to Europe in d mid 70s when blacks were still few in Austria. They had only a self-contained room and a kitchen, with no bathrooms back then o. Even when i was born in d 80s, i 3 of us shared d same bed together. And while i was growing up and i had d chance to sleep alone on d bed with my dad, i never felt scared or awkward.
It's only a sicko dat would ever think of sexually abusing or molesting their own child!
Dat's my two cents abeg.

catwalq 8:04 am  

ok. tunde is related to baba iyabo.
did not know that. now i do. so,...

Daddy's Girl 4:33 pm  

Thanks for sharing this piece - very interesting and moving. I am a bit miffed that they put 'use myself' instead of 'ease myself' in OBJ's bit... 'Use myself'? Eeuw.

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