Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Nike's Art gallery

If you're visiting Lagos, or are planning a trip to Osogbo, or have a spare couple of hours in Abuja, I recommend a trip to one of Nike's art galleries. A good place to take a visitor too. (e se T for the link).


Anonymous,  4:09 pm  

thanks, you should be getting paid for your advert services <>

Refinedone,  5:21 pm  

Nice one Jeremy, I have being looking for her link... :)

I think she has another gallery in Lagos too.. i think somewhere in Lekkie ( not to sure )

Thanks again...she is an absolute inspiration one of a kind and should be celebrated.

Anonymous,  3:19 pm  

Thanks Jeremy. She actually just left the states about a week ago after some exhibitions in Tampa, Florida and Havard university in Boston, MA. Anyway she's my mom and should anyone need more info please feel free to contact me @ [email protected]. She has galleries in Lagos (lekki), osogbo, Oshun state, and Abuja. She's also involved in UNESCO and working for the Tourism ministry in naija (forgot what her title is though).

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