Monday, April 30, 2007

Surrounded by women

At present, there is one male in our apartment (moi) and four Nigerian women. A happy dispensation you might think. Except that apart from Bibi, the other two are her sisters, and the fourth is a friend of the sisters. Oh and they are all Ijebu Yoruba - opinionated and forceful in their different ways, with centuries of market women DNA competing for space in the social mix. This is all good: I am drawn to strong women and I love markets. And given that there is plenty of space to swing cats here, we all rub along..

Except that in the past few days, the sisterly caucus has decided that it is high time the apartment was painted. Jeremy of course was not consulted. So now there is a whole gang of painters all over the gaff, paint splattered everywhere, nothing that is needed to be found quickly. Nigerian painters work at the pace of a snail on tranquilisers so I think we have at least another day of disruption. If only I had some money, I'd escape to an hotel..

By the way, are we all agreed that Baba Alaye is one of OBJ's sons? Some sort of unstated consensus seems to have emerged via the comments to his most recent (fabulously well written) postings.


Bitchy 11:51 am  

Do people blog from meetings? Huh? Do they? Do they?


Yes I too concluded Babs Alaye was OBJ's son after putting two and five together.

Pele about the unbearable oestrogen exposure. And yes, when we used to have our painting done by some old babas, they were a nightmare. Always falling off ladders etc. The new guys get the job done in an hour now.

Anonymous,  12:45 pm  

So why doesn't speedy gonzalez that is Jeremy join in the painting?

Men are not noted for observation skills like peeling/dirty walls, so why bother consulting them on painting

Anonymous,  12:53 pm  

"If only I had some money, I'd escape to an hotel.."

Is this a subtle way of raising funds?

Well set up paypal. 'We' your blogsville pals may just pay LOL

jadedjune 1:18 pm  

well, i hope at least that they cook for you???? do they clean the house?????
if they do, then u can overlook the fact that they dont consult you on certain issues regarding the house......

Saymama 1:39 pm  

I totally concur with the consensus that BabaAlaye might be one of Baba's sons!! Funny, I thought that when I started reading his blog.

As for my fellow Ijebu-Yoruba sisters that are driving u crazy..pele. We're well worth the madness :-)

Anonymous,  1:44 pm  

How did you guys work the OBJ angle? I still don't see it. Some of us are not so bright.


Anonymous,  2:26 pm  

I doubt Baba Alaya is his son - but who knows - maybe a nephew!

I just came across this link of OBJ's 70th Birthday through Ijebuman's blog. His son Dare Photo gallery

If Baba Alaye is his son - which one is he?

Check the link

or check Dare blog with some photos

Baba Alaya claims he is good looking - did not see any good looking sons of OBJ

Funmi Iyanda 4:17 pm  

Hey Jeremy, you lucky man, all that lovely quality (ijebu women are prime cut) oestrogen around you.

Talking about Ijebus, there is a classic owambe party song "emi ni kan laa rin idi meta, olorun ma je e fidi pami" (get Bibi to translate) usually done by a lasciviously smirking male surrounded by dancing women during such festivities as Ijebus are noted for. You might want to adopt that attitude at this time.


the statement about market women dna was hillarious. Hopefully, the paint job will come to an end soon. Bon chance!

omo-obanta 6:23 pm  

Congratulations on receiving the honour of living with other children of Obanta tee hee...
In other words, what you have is a privilege, so stop complaining about Ijebu people :)
I love your blog

Pseudo-Independence 7:47 pm  

Surrounded by women, any other way to avoid romance and heartbreak?

Cheetarah 3:01 pm  

Yes we seem to have been led to that conclusion about Babaalaye and Obj.I love going back to read the comment wars its very facinating!
Painting house in Naija is a week job, the painter will always come back to ask u for more money for somtin!Pele!
lol @ hotel money!

Toks- Boy 10:52 pm  

Jeremy I reckon this is the first photo of Babaalaaye. This guy is obviously very confident, thinks he's good looking,has a certain "my dad runs the country look" about him. I don't buy that waiter camouflage.

Uche,  3:20 am  

LOL@ 'Nigerian painters work at the pace of a snail on tranquilisers...' seriously,i think Nigerians in naija all act the same way....some times its good other times i want to pull my hair out! Even the way they talk...yeah...nuff said!!

Naijadude 5:09 am  

Ijebus, arent we paramount?? Yeah...very lucky u are to have 3 Ijebus with you, dont worry they'd take good care of you ...hahah!!

Funmi's comment killed me man..hahahah

BabaAlaye 3:28 pm  

Hi Jeremy,

I'm not OBJ's Son. I've said this already but a lot of people simply REFUSE to believe that.I don't speak any other language.What y'all need an interpreter?

Anonymous,  3:45 pm  

baba alaye claims he is a fine boy
obivously he can't be OBJ son and not look like this !

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