Friday, April 27, 2007

David Adjaye's East London House

Ghanaian London-based architect David Adjaye's work goes from strength to strength. Here's a pic of his prefab timber house, erected in 5 DAYS! (For more, see the link from Inhabitat here).


St Antonym,  7:07 pm  

I'm just glad you didn't entitle this "David Adjaye's 5 days erection."

Nice building.

Mr.Fineboy 7:23 pm  

Wow..just discovered your blog! Great stuff! The piece about OBJ and his stepson was great. Well done!

catwalq 7:52 am  

St antonym: lol lol lol
Oh thanks naija blog. am an architecture student and so I am so glad to learn about architecture that Africans are doing

Spook E 9:32 pm  

I'm sorry, I see a brown box with a hole cut in one side, big deal!!

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