Monday, April 23, 2007

NOI for President, World Bank?

Speculation is rife that Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, former Nigerian Finance Minister, is in the running to take over from embattled Wolfowitz. See this article on Yahoo News. Also, see this website set up by Bank staffers. There's also an interesting piece on the topic on a new blog here.


Akin 10:49 am  

The question is, whether would Obasanjo be supportive of her taking that position considering the fact that he was not supportive of NOI taking the deputy-Secretary General post at the UN.

It would also be unprecedented to have a non-American take over the reins at the World Bank, though the need to change that anachronism of leadership at both the World Bank and IMF is ever so compelling.

Considering other information coming out, it seems Wolfowitz was well and truly stitched-up, it appears he wanted to recuse himself from this thing but a certain committee insisted on his being involved.

Anyway, if he leaves in some ways he would have been wronged, but that is part of the heat of international politics and way the evil men do (Iraqi involvement) does catch up with them eventually.

However, I am all for NOI assuming that position.

black thought 12:00 pm  

Hi there Jeremy, im a huge fan of your blog (and thats an understatement!)... i came across this clip on youtube about what a nigerian couple recently accomnplished and im still speechless!! its a first in naija... You have to see this!

Anonymous,  1:24 pm  

I wonder if she would like this role. Its lonely at the top and her every move will be scrutinised and ofcourse and error despite how small will be pounced upon as an African problem.

She may need to talk to Koffi Annan

Good luck to her

Pseudo-Independence 7:06 am  

under whose supervision did the finance ministry release funds without questioning (according to the current finance minister)?

could she have been implicated in the Atiuku corruption saga?

could that be why she was eased out of the cabinet? or why obj wasn't too willing to support her wholeheartedly for the number 2 UN role?

CA,  1:53 pm  

Not going to happen.

There is a long standing agreement between Western Europe and the USA that the IMF is headed by an European and the World Bank by an American.

I can't see either of these blocs giving this up.

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