Monday, April 30, 2007

Update on the Kano 'lesbian' wedding

Here. It looks like something has been lost in translation. A woman keen to support her close friends, a sharia lobby keen to assert itself, a dust cloud of confusion in between. I suspect there may still be something slightly more to it than these two polar opposites, given what I have read about the fluid sexualities of those involved in the Hausa video industry, but lets see. Talatu-Carmen, what's your take?


Talatu-Carmen 11:34 pm  

Jeremy, I have no idea. The story just blew me away from the beginning. The later BBC story makes a whole lot more sense to me. But when I have a little more time, I'll write some of the people in Kano I know and ask them what they know/think/have heard about it.

Jaja 1:31 am  

Something about this story does not ring true. A polygamous lesbian wedding, Aunty Maiduguri? Even the poor sketch of the said Aunty Maiduguri on the BBC website, all of these just aren’t plausible. And am beginning to think that some people have just found and exploit-able opportunity to go abroad perhaps, on Political asylum grounds. I mean considering the attention that the proposed bill against same-sex marriage has gathered, especially within the international community, I don’t put it beyond my people… or maybe we haven’t got the facts right- I mean the publications all seem uncertain about what did or did not happen. Well either way, group lesbian wedding, sharia, Aunty Maiduguri or whatelse.. I do smell something funky.. somebody tell us the real story or lets just have a good laugh at the joke

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