Sunday, April 15, 2007

Nigeria advert on the tube

Come dig. Take what you want. We promise not to refine it.


Uche,  3:50 pm this a tourism advert or cash 'n' carry advert..????? hmmmmmm.......

ERIC 1:54 am  

it's wonderful havin' naija doin'the right thing mavelously
across the globe.
keep it up and never give up.

ERIC 1:55 am  

nice work never give up.

Moni 3:48 am  

i'm at a loss for words. just awful!

wienna,  12:18 pm  

Dis is definitely not d right message we want to send out to foreigners out there. Dis even gonna make them run faster than Carl Lewis without looking back.

mypenmypaper 1:05 pm  

yeah right,

theres more beneath the surface, so be careful!!

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