Friday, April 27, 2007

The aftermath of a lesbian marriage in Kano

Aunty Maiduguri and her four new wives have fled. Thanks TC for the link. Yet another Act in the tragicomedy that is life in Nigeria..


Anonymous,  4:21 pm  

Aunty Maiduguri must be very brave to have had a lesbian wedding in Kano even when she knew the ramifications. I wish her and her 4 wives the best. I really hope the police don't find them Sharia law is too harsh and sometimes unjust

Akin 12:24 am  

You beat me to this, I read about it before I boarded my flight - I think I can find an interesting twist to this story.

Pseudo-Independence 9:47 am  

"...Aunty Maiduguri must be very brave to have had a lesbian wedding in Kano..."

Abubakar Hamza appears more radical

Pink-satin 4:52 am  

Wow! a lesbian wedding in 9ja!in the northern parts..that some bravery

Anonymous,  10:00 am  

foolhardy if you ask me. i think it is a coax.

Cheetarah 2:16 pm  

4 real! This happened in Kano?!! Lol!
All I can say is that they have 'liver' either they are very brave or extremely foolish!lol

Anonymous,  7:02 pm  

This is what happens when unjust laws are passed in Nigeria.
A witch hunt.

I know a lot of innocent people will be persecuted under these thoughtless laws.

I only hope some people who support these laws are the victims.

Of course this lady is not a lesbian nor was she involved in any marriages. The law of the ignorant reigns here

Talatu-Carmen 5:50 am  

This story just boggled my mind when I read it. I didn't see how anyone in Nigeria, let alone Kano, could pull this off, especially with 2000+ guests in attendance--there was something that was being lost in translation.

This article, with quotes from Aunty Maiduri who clarifies that she was hosting a fundraiser to help the four girls marry men, places it in a little more context. It's not that there are not lesbians in Kano or even that there aren't public displays of alternative sexualities in certain contexts ('yan daudu etc.)---it's just that the whole Fela-esque marriage spectacle of this particular event, in Kano of all places, was just a little too bizaare to be believable.

See the followup here:

Jaja 12:21 am  

Something about this story does not ring true. A polygamous lesbian wedding, Aunty Maiduguri? Even the poor sketch of the said Aunty Maiduguri on the BBC website, all of these just aren’t plausible. And am beginning to think that some people have just found and exploit-able opportunity to go abroad perhaps, on Political asylum grounds. I mean considering the attention that the proposed bill against same-sex marriage has gathered, especially within the international community, I don’t put it beyond my people… or maybe we haven’t got the facts right- I mean the publications all seem uncertain about what did or did not happen. Well either way, group lesbian wedding, sharia, Aunty Maiduguri or whatelse.. I do smell something funky.. somebody tell us the real story or lets just have a good laugh at the joke

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