Sunday, April 29, 2007

Dis Dayn

Today is Mike Adenuga's birthday. He is 54. Happy birthday Mr A - how is London?

How do I know it is his birthday? Because 22 out of the 123 pages of today's Dis Day are full page adverts singing his praise from various sycophants along Globacom's supply chain. The newspaper business in Nigeria is a good one. It costs approx N250k for a one page ad in the newspapers. That means the paper pulled in N5.5m (40,000 dollars) from Mikey boy's encomiums alone.

Meanwhile, while I am indulging in one of my pet blog topics, here is a choice morsel from page 8 of the paper:

NUJ Wants Journalism Profession Enhanced
The Nigeria Union of Journalism (NUJ) has called on the newly elected leaders to use their positions to improve journalism professional in the country....

(the grammatical sin is theirs, not my typo). It provokes the question: what exactly does the NUJ think the govt can do to improve 'journalism professional' in the country that the NUJ itself shouldn't be doing? Perhaps Mr Yar'Adua should start by demanding that newspaper articles that feature demands that the govt should do more to support journalism in Nigeria are proofed before published.


Cheetarah 6:37 pm  

lol!U remind me of Kaine husband(Ngozi Adiche book).. what's his name again? Richard? lol!

Anonymous,  11:31 pm  

cheetarah.... erm, why does jeremy remind you on Richard, Kainene's man?

kemi,  12:30 am  

Jeremy I don't know why you are so surprised or disappointed even.

Journalists are the most left-wing Nigerians you will ever meet.

And we know that socialists always expect the state to provide everything from them, including ideas on how to think, eat and move.

Akin 10:51 am  

Disdain just about sums it up, no further comment on the quality of Nigerian journalism.

You first came up with Diss Day now Dis Dayn, I wonder if anyone can better that.

ababoypart2 12:29 pm  

I think there is a business opportunity in setting up a ‘congratulations only’ newspaper in Nigeria.

Any takers?

MsMak,  1:57 pm  

A "congratulations-only" newspaper (ababoypart2). Lol! You really nmight be on to something o, seeing as Ovation made it big on just owambe pictures (with little to none in the way of captions sef)!

It is soo frustrating reading through Naija newspapers (in paper print or online). especially online, cause at least there's spell-check to help. I think it says a lot about the falling standard of education in Naija from secondary school level and upwards...

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