Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Race and sex in America

"They have to have at least eight inches, and most have a college degree. They have to be able to role-play, and most important of all, they have to be gentlemen. It's the difference between Notre Dame, where you're a student-athlete, and the University of Oklahoma, where you're an athlete-student. We don't just take jocks."

Interesting but highly provocative piece on the Mandingo swingers scene in America here.


Anonymous,  9:19 pm  

This has a lot of racist undertones. On one hand it's disturbing but if everyone involved is consenting and happy then who am I to complain?

Akin 9:19 pm  

I hate to say this, much as it reads like some ultra-liberal lascivious thrill-seeking, the undertone is that of the black stud slave only, that he does not have to produce strong children.

Crudely put, this is the archetypal Wham! Bam! Thank you, Maam! - I read too much, I lost the ability to be shocked.

Anonymous,  9:55 pm  

Ahh, the black man fantasy...that obviously never gets old.

"....all of them here specifically to have sex with single black men often a decade or two their junior." Plus they have to have at least 8 inches and a college degree...LMAO!
I would like to say interesting but it’s a lil’ bit less than that, its just the same damn stereotypes, and racial undertones reinforced, just this time they have the appropriate "pc" words to use.

Fred 12:08 am  

What else does one need in life really, but 8-inches and a college degree? I guess one out of two ain't bad, Jez.

kemi,  12:53 am  

As soon as I read through the comments, I knew there was going to be some single black woman complaining about how they're stealing all the "good black men" and lo and behold, some lonely Dawnyelle.

I'm just glad I live in Europe where inter-racial mixing is so common its not worthy of a news article.

The best comment in the thread was this:
What's more pathetic?
The white men getting off watching their women get beat up by 10" black dicks?
40something white women 40 lbs overweight having anal sex on the 8 year old daughter's nightstand?
Black males thinking themselves virile and irresistible because they are desired by the aforementioned two?
Or the men and women chasing sensational nooz material to evangelize over while 4 alarm barn burners of social import devour their communities with nary a hiccup of protest from these moral evangelists

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