Monday, April 16, 2007


A journalist went to meet MEND in the Delta creeks recently. His piece was in yesterday's Observer. What I don't understand about MEND is this: if they are concerned about stolen money from the oil trade, why do they attack just the oil companies, and not those responsible for the bunkering and diversion of funds?


Nyemoni 11:03 am  

Nice blog Mr. Weate... My guess is that they are taking it home to those who they think are responsible for the situation.... They really cannot be bothered to go all out and hunt those bunkering and distributing, although I've heard a few cases where those bunkering have been attacked at their depots.. What happens then really would be that they would take over the depots and sell the AGo or PMS or whatever it is themselves... I think in attacking the expatriate staff of the Oil Companies they are trying to make statements doing as you otherwise stated would not make, regardless of the fact that they are going about things the wrong way.
All in all, its a lawless, vicious comedy of horror but in my view, these people really just want to be heard and have the situation adressed. My 2 cents!

ababoypart2 12:58 pm  

It’s nice to know that someone else shares my view...In addition to unsettling the oil companies; they should also concentrate on the dodgy politicians in our midst.

One can hardly try to play down the injustices in the Niger Delta, but when releasing felons like ‘Alams’ is dropped in as a condition, ones support begins to totter.

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