Thursday, April 26, 2007

Eshu in Abuja

Readers will be glad to know that Eshu is alive and well in Abuja. Sacrifices (or ebo) to the orisha of the crossroads/trickster deity can be spotted here and there, every now and again. The one in the photo to the left (taken by a friend with his camera phone) was placed at the entrance drive to Aso Villa, in other words within a stone's throw of the seat of power. There is no way that the person could have left it there without being spotted, which leads me to conclude that there was at the very least no disagreement with the placing of the sacrifice. Another spin would be that a 'covering all the bases' approach was being taken by those at the Villa, in the midst of the recent political turbulence..


Toks- Boy 12:21 pm  

J - did OBJ not already say it was a "do or die" affair. You think that he would say such a thing without the necessary precautions?

Anonymous,  5:37 pm  

Or it could just be a calabash that means absolutely nothing...hmm

Anonymous,  11:00 pm beginning to believe you planted that there yourself LOL

Just read some related interesting article in Chioma's blog. She is also in Abuja and you may have heard of it


Olumide Abimbola 8:10 am  

Cool! I really don't care if the calabash meant something or not.... I like your spin on the story. Covering all the bases, appeasing Esu to make sure he doesn't mess things up - which, by the way, is what gives him the kicks - sounds like a nice interpretation!

Anonymous,  2:21 pm  

I thought I was the only one that has sighted these sacrifices all over Abuja in the run up to election. When I first saw it I couldn't believe it. It seems out of place in this modern, gleaming city. Goes to prove Latour's statement: We have never been modern. This is what it is really all about: tradition and modernity. i like this. but jeremy how your mind works!!

mypenmypaper 2:12 pm  

If Eshu is not in Abuja, Asokoro will not be where it is, and the people living in it will not be living in it.

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