Thursday, June 14, 2007

African slo-band/no-band

Many parts of the world are hooking up to broadband, except Sub-Saharan Africa. Blinkered anti-technology 'leadership' is the cause - witness the clueless approach to technology under the Obasanjo government. The new administration has a huge opportunity to embrace technology by building a fibre-optic infrastructure to span the country, and promoting alternative submarine cable projects to supplant the useless SAT-3 cable to enable competition amongst wholesale bandwidth providers. Anything less and Nigeria/SSA will continue to fall further behind. Nigeria lags far behind even Ghana in the broadband access stakes. See this story in today's Guardian.


tokunbo 3:50 pm  

im fffffiiiiirrrrrssssttt today. Talking about our slow/no band, its a national problem. Except we have leaders who are technologically inclined, I dont think we are going anywhere. When the problem of PHCN cannot be solved, talk less of internet access. Private individuals might strive to provide such services, but twill continue to be xpensive and unavailable/unaffodable for the common man(Nigerian). I agree with you on the Fibre optic thing: cable to solve the whole problem, but see, whether its Sat3, Sat4 or Sat-anything, if it is not managed well, whats the use? What we need is to manage what we have first, then talk of development.

femi 6:41 am  

Obasanjos technology policy clueless??

u my friend are just totally ignorant.

For your information, Nigeria does infact have a fiber optic network in place

You can read up on it here.

No other president has done more than Obasanjo in promoting information technology use in Nigeria.


The one laptop per child program,

The computers for all Nigerian initiviative (CANI) ,which will allow civil servants and other formal sector workers to buy computers on a payment plan basis.

The Launch of Nigerias first communications satellite

And of course the above mentioned fiber optic network

You Europeans are always quick to protray Africans as nonfunctional and Non progressives. Maybe if u spent more time reading instead of criticising you would have noticed these initiatives.

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