Friday, June 29, 2007

Lazy boat up and down river

We hired a boat and pushed out, onto the lazy river.

We found shade, underneath the willow tree.

Kisses fluttered between us like butterflies mad with the season.

Up river we ventured..

Then down river, toward a delta of desire.

The landscape was undulous;

soft white clouds printed themselves on the blue of sky.

The day went, the dusk came.

Crepuscular arcs of intent wrapped themselves between us.

Still we floated on the river.

We both slept ourselves awake

As time's tide wore on.

And in the morning, there you were,

Magnificently above me.

Liquid night, liquid day, liquid journeys into a liquid unknown.


Anonymous,  2:06 am  

this is beautiful i dont know what more to say except that i think it is amazing :)

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