Thursday, June 21, 2007

How to tie a Gele


internationalhome 11:40 am  


Oh and its not a scarf, it is called gele, end of!

Patrice,  3:19 pm  

Yeah, right, I already have enough trouble with this this one.

catwalq 4:41 am  

i thought this was great. am going to practice doing it by myself. I refuse to be held to ransome by Lady Amina

peepla 6:59 am  

THANK YOU!!! I kept getting close, but what I was missing was that diagonal fold. Just great, wonderful job.

Anonymous,  12:58 am  

This is so great. I am Nigerian, but Igbo and I'm just learning. I always see our people with tall headscarfs. We call it something else in our language but I don't remember. This is so good I will always look at this video when i need help. :)

Anonymous,  1:03 am  

Yeah, this is an awsome viedo. I don't know how to tie a headscarf. I watch my mom. I am a Nigerian(Igbo) and i love the colors. Now when I get a headscarf I'll first look at this video. Some of our people have tall ones, but I always have wondered how they did it.It is really called a headscarf, but in our language it's something else.Some may call it that. :)

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