Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Nigerian investor/stocks site

Investor Delight is a new website currently in Beta-testing phase that enables you to track your existing Nigerian stocks with ease. Here is the blurb from the site: is a web based tool designed to make computing the value of your stock market investments extremely easy.

No more calculators! No more spreadsheets!!

Our goal is to give a holistic view of all your stocks and their value online realtime.

We delight in taking stress out of determining the worth of your investments at any given time.

You are able to effortlessly keep track of the performance of the stocks which make up your portfolio(s).

If you have comments on the BETA version, email: [email protected]


Dami 11:16 pm  

thanks o, it actually works! very useful tool!

bioye 1:48 pm  

I'll like to draw your attention also to This site provides portfolio tracking and graphs too. It also provides detailed listings of the websites of stockbrokers and quoted companies in nigeria.

bade 6:40 pm  

I think the guys really did a great job on this web service. Nice one

yinka 2:10 pm  

It's impressive that Nigerians can now track their stock online

Anonymous,  2:06 pm  

It is a fantastic tool and works perfectly.This site provides tracking of stocks on a daily basis.More grace to your elbow.

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