Monday, June 18, 2007

Ice cream in Covent Garden

Taken with my camera phone yesterday.



I want some!!!!!!!!! Please!!!!!

Lolita 3:22 pm  

I know, 36....legs, gosh! It looks so good!

I want some too, ah ah, with my lactose-intolerant self! Choi! drool, drool, pant, pant, drool, drool!!!

Moni 5:26 pm  

looks like gelato

Jeremy 6:09 pm  

Guess what Lolita - they sell milk-free ice cream there too!!

You can buy soya ice cream in most supermarkets in the UK. I Naija, I make my own..

wienna,  2:10 am  

Good almost feels orgasmic to me. where in covent garden is dis? It's a shame there aren't as many ice-cream parlours here, as they are in vienna.

Anonymous,  4:40 am  

where in covent garden, im seriously drooling!!!

Lolita 7:39 am  

Ah, but Jeremy, that takes the fun out of it, doesn't it? I'll manage the impending discomfort for the instant gratification I'm sure to receive :)

I second that Wienna, it reminds me of one very sexy chocolate mousse I had like this....let me stop!

Anonymous,  11:45 pm  

Yes where in covent garden? I'm at CG every lunchtime and have never seen this!

Judy123 1:33 pm  

On Coventry Ice cream: Just starring at it makes me feel fat! Thanks Jeremy! Also, please feel free to visit my blog http:\\ i have linked you already!

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