Monday, June 18, 2007

Ishmael Beah

My folks met Ishmael Beah at Hay a couple of weeks ago. On their recommendation, I bought A Long Way Gone - Beah's own story of the descent into hell in Sierra Leone and his time as a child soldier, fed a diet of cocaine mixed with gunpowder. A couple of pages in, and you will be utterly hooked. This is one of the most harrowing and compulsive books you will ever read.


Cee 12:33 pm  

I read this book over Spring break. A great page turner in a light literary kind of way.

I couldn't believe 1/4 of the thing those kids went through. And to think some of them got kidnapped at 5.

Makes you wonder about humans; the thing we do to get other. Is there any hope in a world were children are turned into the killers of their own blood-brethren?

soheb,  11:03 pm  

Did you read Uzodinma Iweala's 'Beasts of no Nation'?This is the real thing - I'm scared to read it...

Anonymous,  11:45 pm  

I heard Ishmael Beah being interviewed on radio 4. It was interesting. Will definately get the book

The following week Biyi Bandele was being interviewed - his novel is out Burma Boy

check out the link from the guardian,,2093390,00.html.

Check out Blood River which is also out this month

Blood River: Africa's broken heart by Tim Butcher


So...Wise...Sista 8:54 pm  

Nice blog.

Do you happen to have direct contact info for Beah, by any chance?? If yes, pls hit me at [email protected]

Anonymous,  3:44 am  

Are you kidding? This guy is no hero. He's a total literary fraud. He's found a good thing (if you can call killing as a child soldier a good thing)...and he's used it to advance bis career. The book is a literary fraud, and that is beyond doubt.

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