Thursday, June 14, 2007

Ehindero in trouble deep

I love the way Nigerians can use the word 'fat' to describe people, without a trace of negative intent. The word is drained of all pejorative connotations, and becomes purely descriptive. Meanwhile, the rot in the police force seems quite deep. First Balogun, then Ehindero..


Afolabi 8:01 pm  

dis ones just dey thief the money..haha without any remprse

Toks- Boy 8:59 pm  

Spot the pattern here. Top cop helps ruling party "win" the election. Immediately after Top cop is found with lots of "spare change". Top cop finds himself up Apapa creek with no GSM, passport or friends. Top cop learns that there is no honour amongst you know who.And the moral of the story is....

Lolita 2:45 pm  

I'm still tripping over the two fat women, hilarious.

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