Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Where's my bloody pith helmet?

The email list for expats in Abuja continues to amuse me. There was an advert for a servant yesterday that was pure 1920's colonial, or even 1820's plantation:

"I am writing to introduce and recommend V_____. He is a Nigerian of 24 years who I have found is an excellent house boy and handy man and is also able to cook. Not only can he clean and look after your house or office but is able to repair or resolve plumbing and electrical problems that seem to frequently arise in the home here. He speaks understandable English and is intelligent, reliable, diligent and honest."

I'm sure the person who sent it in has the best possible intentions - trying to ensure that the guy is found a good future employer etc. Its just the tone reminds me of a letter written by the wife of a colonial officer, just a few minutes before she brunches on Earl Grey and cucumber sandwiches..


wienna,  10:26 am  

As u said, i'm sure the person who sent it meant no insult or harm, however, it does have a tone of ignorance in it.

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