Saturday, June 16, 2007

More on the Genevieve firestorm

The HIV/Yinka Ekpe story has spread like a forest fire since this blog broke the story on Tuesday. On Wednesday, Bella Naija repeated the story, attracting 84 irate comments thus far. On the same day, 2plus2 took the story to NigerianVillageSquare, so far attracting 4 pages of comments.

Although a distressing tale of alarming ignorance from a supposedly educated woman of the elite class, the positive side of the story must surely be the power of web2.0 to act as a source of critique in Nigeria, where mainstream print media has utterly failed. This event signals an important moment in the Nigerian blogosphere, as it comes into its own as a source of critical engagement.


rr 7:41 pm  

I'm linking to your original post, if you don't mind... just for reference purposes :-)

naijagal 3:27 am  

we should let it be she has apologized. This is a time to work together to build awareness

Anonymous,  5:29 pm  

I personally was for letting bygones be bygones until I read Betty's (or should I say Ugly Betty's) supposed apology in page 3 of today's Guardian. She a liar and a bad one at that. She should just stick to the truth that her point was not properly articulated because she is a bad writer.

Judy123 1:53 pm  

This just shows that the woman is so fickle minded and not to mention vain. Wonder why she does not realise that she has been entrusted with a lot of responsibility being a role model for the Nigerian youth as a custodian of public enlightenment through her 'widely' read mag. Maybe she needs a boycott!!!!

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