Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Alhaji Adamu Mu’azu

One of the best performing governors in the last administration, Alhaji Adamu Mu'azu, should serve as a model of humilty and best practice to incoming governors around the country. Hopefully, his efforts in Bauchi State will soon bear fruit with the unveiling of the new look Yankari/Wikki Warm Springs. I'm not sure if the upgraded facilities have been finished quite yet however.


Anonymous,  4:14 pm  

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Anonymous,  4:22 pm  

How could the Bauchi State government purchase two Embraer aircraft, the costs of acquisition exceeding the state's annual budget? - There's something fishy about that.

Anonymous,  4:40 pm  

Jeremy , when did you start working for the "MAN" !!

Just playing he has done a good job and hopefully there are signs of change on the horizon, don't care if it is Yar'adua, Buhari, Klarus or Glingori as long as change comes!!

Vote Anonymous Olu for Governmor next term, Jeremy will be my publicist, looks like he is in that business now! lol

The Anonymous vitriolic Olu!

culturalmiscellany 11:21 pm  

I hope the Yankari renovations work as it wasn't great at all when I went in 2007 although I did see some beautiful elephants. The accomodation was horrendous and the camping facilities diabolical.

The Pseudo-Independent 11:24 am  

This fine gentleman looks true. Or has it anything to do with the great religion of Islam? Cos it would appear the northerners, especially the Muslims, are more honest and tend to have more integrity than their southern counterparts. I so love the northerners. But I also love equally the southerners, easterners and everyone else regardless of religion (and I consider all religions to be great whether Islam, Ifa, Buddhism etc), "equally" (like babaalaye, I said that already).
Men, think I love this guy, going by what you say about him. In fact I have hope and believe we are getting there. Or rather we will get there! Or Jez, or is it a joke what you say about this gentleman?

Btw: it’s funny though how subconsciously I tend to visit naijablog as my first pot of call when I browse on Nigerian news. This blog is hawt!

catwalq 7:36 pm  

did he really?
Was he really that good.
He seemed to be recorded as doing the bulk of his commissions on the last day of his appointment

Talatu-Carmen 9:40 pm  

I hear Yankari has been very much improved in terms of comfort etc. (Farewell to the old viewing trucks...)But the question now is whether it is affordable to the majority of Nigerians--or only a wealthy elite?

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