Saturday, June 23, 2007

Jeremy and Antonio


Anonymous,  1:16 am  

OMG you ARE hot!! I'd totally do you!

Anonymous,  8:57 am  

I'll have both of you.

Lolita 1:24 pm  

He is Hot and yes, totally f...erm..doable!!!

I love the full head of hair, the aviators add an additional layer of hotness, okay, let me stop....Iyawo is enjoying :)

clit club,  5:20 pm  

niceeeeeeeeeenice. Jeremy and Antonio can we get together? up for a 3-some. hope your lady won't mind. I am in London at present. If you're up say yes and I'll email u privately. In fact, I'll pay for it.


Jeremy 7:55 pm  

Dear Clit Club. I'm not sure you can afford us. We charge UK1000 per hour. Of course, that is a 'full-service' fee. We take all major credit cards, and offer a money-back 100% satisfaction guarantee.

clit club,  8:09 pm  

when and where. i'm a Lagos Big Girl and can afford u, no problem.

Jeremy 8:22 pm  

Dear Clit club. Cool. Email me at the usual address ( We offer a 20% discount for overnights, and throw in a free bottle of DP.

Anonymous,  10:26 pm  

I'd f!ck you too...just lose the big hair, thats sooooo played out man!

Spook E 2:08 am  

oh BTW I'm anonymous2 and I'm a dude!

Anonymous,  11:43 am  

Where did all the class of you Nigerian women disappear to, it seems to have been destroyed witht the arrival of M-net and Nollywood, I hope I do not have the unfortunate luck of running into any f you in a club as your openess would most likely only be matched by the infestation of STDs in your body.

Respect yourselves and act like you are the true African queens whih i know you are (at least deep inside!!)

Anonymous Olu!

Anonymous,  9:32 pm  

Dear Anonymous Olu,

Get a life - or at least a sense of humour. Chill. Breathe.


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