Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The wax and wax of David Adjaye

The UK's most interesting up and coming architect, David Adjaye, continues to gather fame and fortune. Read this article, on his imminent conquest of the US. Thanks JG for the link.


Moni 7:17 am  

making my way through his books, Houses and Making Public Buildings now. Interesting work.

Anonymous,  2:16 pm  

Yeah, i remember him from BBC's Dreamspaces. Nice to see him move up in his profession.

Ifeanyi,  2:28 pm  

"Wax and wax" makes me think of ear wax.

Not a pretty picture.

Why didn't you just say "rise and rise"?

Anonymous,  3:03 pm  

hey jeremy, no mention of your countrys' change in leadership. What's up with that?

Fred 3:15 pm  

Good article. Always nice to see a Nigerian name mentioned in any article not also containing the number 419.

Interesting, the British view that the next great thing for any Englander is cracking the US “market.” Not really made it until then, aye, what? ;-)

Like we would give two shits about an architect, much less a “furriner” when we barely celebrate our home-grown variety; Gehry is barely known.

Ifeanyi,  3:25 pm  

"hey jeremy, no mention of your countrys' change in leadership."

The elections were flawed. Yar'Adua is in power. End of story.

Anonymous,  4:16 pm  

Its always good to see something different and for someone to be good at what he about the Nigerian government getting him to improve our "i saw" of a skyline in Lagos...or advising them on the further development of our other cities....

Anonymous Olu

ababoypart2 4:43 pm  

I have been following this guys progress for a while. Source of pride and inspiration

Anonymous,  5:44 pm  

LOL @ Ifeanyi, I think anonnymous was referring to the new PM and not Nigeria's past election. Afterall Jeremy is British and not Nigerian, yes?

Anonymous,  6:06 pm  

David is actually not Nigerian. He is ghanaian. What is it with Nigerians, claiming everyone for themeselves?

Anonymous,  6:36 pm  

thought he was tanzanian

Oguro,  10:40 pm  

... he's Ghanaian, he lived in tanzania .. and I wouldn't let him near Lagos... he'd come out with some superficial waffle ... Lagos will crush his ego and send the residue back to Accra ... he's better doing buildings in the west .. African cities require serious minds not egos.

Fred 8:34 pm  

Found out a few minutes after reading the freakin' article the man's a Ghanaian! D'oh!

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