Sunday, June 17, 2007

Chinua Achebe interview

In today's Observer. The lack of pictures on the Guardian/Observer website is becoming increasingly frustrating. There is a lovely photo of CA in a beret in the newspaper version, contrasting sharply with the one column plus annoying advert of the website.


Anonymous,  12:17 pm  

Just because he's been annointed by a western prize hardly means he has finally arrived.

kemi,  3:46 pm  

I suspect the reason why you get a picture in the newspaper is because you PAID for it.

The website, on the other hand is read by millions of people FOR FREE.

Yet you complain that there is an advert on the web page, and it is annoying you.

Tell me Jeremy, how on earth do you expect them to pay for having an online edition if they don't have the advertising?

catwalq 6:43 am  

I hope I get a chance to meet him before he dies.
He is one of our country's greats

Nkem 11:29 am  

The Indy did a better job at the weekend:

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