Saturday, June 30, 2007



catwalq 11:56 pm  

she has dreads?

Anonymous,  4:49 am  

it's 2 words Jeremy, iyawo mi....

Anonymous,  5:24 pm  

Maybe, just maybe ... Jeremy already knows that it is two words.

Anonymous,  12:29 am  

nice skin

Anonymous,  11:49 am  

Maybe, just maybe Jeremy doesn't know everything.

Judy123 3:12 pm  

Is that your wife, Jeremy? Sorry if the question is unexpected, i am a 2nd time visitor to your blog...and i really thought you were g..

Anonymous,  11:52 pm  

judy why do you think he might be g..? is it because he can be bitchy or what? or is it his looks?

I thought so too when I first encountered this blog. why? because I thought an hetero man couldn't be that dedicated, persistent and blatently bitchy and catty. Well i was wrong.

Jeremy 11:08 am  

Last anonymous: you say you are surprised I am not gay because you didnt think a straight guy could be that 'dedicated, persistent and blatently bitchy and catty'. Have you ever considered yourself to be homophobic?

Meanwhile, of course I know that Iyawo is wife and mi is my. But it is pronounced as one word - as you know, many Yoruba words are squeezed together..

Judy123 1:19 pm  

Dear anonymous,it was really none of the above. It was more because of the pix (big head one) he took with a friend of his, they seemed (to me) too close for comfort..

Morountodun 5:59 pm  

Jeremy this is actually quite sweet. Lol!

Ijesha 1:24 pm  

though i get to know your site from the lagos metro map from Nigeria village square website and i decided to investigate further but so far.....the more i found out about you the more i am impress!!!

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