Friday, June 08, 2007


An insider's take on working for Globacom. Sounds like the usual standard of business ethics in Nigerian organisations. A salutary warning to Indians who may be in the process of being tempted by Msieur Adenuga..


Anonymous,  2:35 pm  

I am surprised that you have just seen this site. It has been on since 2005. Unusually for u Jeremy, this blog is stale stuff.

I do worry about some of the things you put on your blog though.I am not sure if you have read the blog or its comments but many of the allegations just sound daft. The whole thing smells of Bad Belle and I am not sure that is something you associated with.

I rate you more than this. How about you give us info about the loud anti corruption FCT Minister who sold a nice Asokoro house to himself as a leaving gift. Now that is a real con! We should have

Anonymous,  12:19 am  

better late than never. El-Rufai and other will have their day. This is Adenuga's time in the mud.

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