Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Recent advert in the papers, Nigeria. Click to enlarge. Inside his closed mouth is some unmelted butter.


internationalhome 6:54 pm  

May Atiku and his descendants never know peace!

Dotun 9:23 pm  

I want to commend you for taking the pain to scan and post this. I don't know what to say, than.........I think Nigeria is better without that man as the helmsman.

olufela 1:00 am  

the fact that he can put this ad in the paper is proof that democracy, while in its' infancy, is alive and well!! yes the election wasn't perfect but you need the process established first and then you can perfect it. as long as the opposition is still able to speak out and is not suppressed, there is hope for us yet!!!

unmelted butter... that was class by the way mate!!

Anonymous,  1:07 am  

I went to high school with Atiku's kids... a certain boarding school in Kwara State if anyone wants to look it up. It was an open secret just how much money he "chopped" while working at customs.

It is disingenuous for that man to complain about any sort of corruption! seems it's only bad when it doesn't line his pockets.

Anonymous,  1:56 am  

Can somebody tell that thief to shut up? And I'm not even talking about PTDF money? The probe should start from his time at the Customs. And that man, OBJ, should be probed too. His immunity is gone. And what about IBB? Are the Zambians braver than Nigerians?

A bunch of thieves with a capital 'T'.

ayodele,  2:09 am  

Haha! Can you imagine the clown? His knee is not yet healed? Is he a footbal player? Who does he think he's fooling? Ole, agbaya, alailojuti, omo kiniun. May it not be well with him and all the others who knowingly contributed to the rot we have in the country today. Yes, leave me o. Let me s'epe for them because I know the kind of suffering people like these have caused us. And to add salt to injury, he puts up this advert. Sure, it it an illegal and illegitimate election (What am I saying sef? There were no elections.) but it is not for Atiku to tell us. It is as obvious as the insecurity we wake up to in Lagos.

Please, is it possible for them to arrest him in the US and try him there?

Fred 2:51 am  

The Federalist Papers, this is not. It sounds puffed up and self-aggrandizing. For that alone, I'm against this buffoon.

internationalhome 10:32 am  

Any particular reason why you chose not to publish my initial comment jeremy?...not like it matters, its just a curious thing to do, or rather, not do!

Jeremy 10:40 am  

sorry international home - it was a slip up. Nothing intentional - I just didnt see the approval email. Its now up as you'll see.

Anonymous,  12:02 pm  

Its unfortunate that these animals insist on destroying our country, I only hope that our government evolves past the current neanderthal stage of and our generation is able to recover our great nation before it reaches a tipping point!

Both are fools and theives and we let them rule us, that is what shakes me, we are not a weak people just a strong people with thick hides able to survive horrible living conditions, any other country would have revolted long before, now we have the challenge of taking our country back from the grasp of hoods and criminals !

God bless Nigeria and God judge those that have raped and plundered its people (OBJ, Atiku, IBB etc etc) we will look down on them all from heaven and spit down on them to cool the heat of the flames they will be laying with!


this dude is just so full of shit!!!!

Anonymous,  8:53 am  

Why is everyone dissing this guy ? Really, who in that Obasanjo's team is really above board ?

Is it Obasanjo with his Transcorp shares ? Is it El-Rufai who sold a nice house to himself as Chairman of FCDA? Please stop dissing Atiku. They are all rogues!!!!

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