Monday, June 25, 2007

Missing member in PHC

Another classic bit of Nigerian journalism. Chinedu Wosu, please give up the day job. Read it and weep/laugh/jump in the lake as appropriate.


Jola Naibi 2:18 pm  

That is just woeful. I got so confused my head started to ache

Fred 2:52 pm  

This is in print?!

MsMak,  3:30 pm  

"The lady who is fair in complexion appeared to be a spinster as she was on a jeans trouser and looked serious while committing the act..."

Where to start from - the bad grammar, abi na the hilarious assumption that she is a spinster because she wore jeans? (Rolleyes)

Someone needs to start a tv show where newspaper articles and Nollywood movies with poor editing are made fun of terribly. Only embarrassment and public shame will force these so-called writers to start paying attention to the details.

africanloft,  6:37 pm  

The online editor should be fired!

A classic bit of Nigerian journalism...or poor editing / proof-reading? There are still some fine journalists in Nigeria...I think.

Anonymous,  9:16 pm  

the first sentence alone had me in tears... 'middle age young man male's organ'?

says it all really

Jaja 12:05 am are they a new agent?

arnt the elections over?

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Anonymous,  5:52 am  

I work in an industry where I have to deal with such 'journalists' everyday and believe me, its only funny the first few times you read such trash.Soon after, you just want to scream. Makes you wonder why their bosses willingly spend millions on fees for Beyonce, John Legend and co when they should invest in 'English For Dummies' courses for their journos.

Anonymous,  9:39 pm  

Hang on! Should we worried about this journalist's grammar? I don't think so. What should be more troubling is the fact that people believe that one's organ can 'dissapear', that's what is troubling me. Journalist with bad grammar isn't news, journalist reporting, as fact, that a lady made a man's organ dissapear? Now that really says a lot about our society!

Talatu-Carmen 7:58 am  

a "spinster" eh? I am fascinated by these urban legands of the disappearing genetalia though... Have you seen Jeanne-Pierre Bekolo's _Quartier Mozart_? A really fabulous take on the myth.

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